What do you supply?

You bring your own food and drinks, and we supply most of the rest including:

Towels/Bed Linens
Coffee Maker

**Firewood is available for sale at $5/bundle. We use the "honor system"; please leave cash or check on the counter for the amount of wood used.

Do I need 4-wheel drive?

Definitely not. While the mountain road leading to the cabins is winding and steep at times, the county does a great job of maintaining it during snow storms. The driveway to the cabins is paved on the steep section and then turns to gravel before getting to the cabins. Ice melt is provided in case the paved driveway gets icy. 

No, none of our cabins have cell service or Internet. We know that the thought of no Internet or cell service makes you tremble in your hiking boots, but you will absolutely love it. Each cabin has a regular old phone (remember those?) so that you and your family can keep in touch while you truly, deeply relax.

But if you get the shakes, the cafe just down the road does have Wifi.

Do you have cell service? Internet?

Is there heat and air conditioning?

Each cabin has on-demand heat, and each cabin has air conditioning. At 3,600 ft  elevation, even in the summer we only reach the low 70's, so most guests keep the windows open. Ceiling fans are in both cabins as well.

Do you allow pets?

No, unfortunately pets are not allowed in either of our cabins. Although we love animals, there are no exceptions to this rule. 

Do you allow smoking?

No, absolutely no smoking inside the cabins.  We are smoke free, and you are surrounded by a national forest.

Do you have television?

We have satellite television with over 100 channels, and each cabin has a DVD player. 

Creekside Cabin is a bit larger and can accommodate up to four adults. Evergreen Cabin is smaller and can accommodate up to two adults. 

How many people can stay in a single cabin?

No- washers and dryers are not available at the cabins.

Are washers and dryers available?

Clyde has a Food Lion grocery store that is near the exit off of I-40 that you will take to get to the cabins. It's approximately 30 minutes from the cabins. Both Clyde and the town of Hot Springs have great restaurants and are both about 30 minutes away. Asheville has amazing restaurants with award winning chefs; downtown Asheville is approximately 40 minutes away. 

The Trust General Store and Cafe is located about 10 minutes from the cabins. It has a gas station, general store, cafe and wifi. 

Where is the nearest grocery store? Restaurants?

Are housekeeping services available during our stay?

For an additional cost, housekeeping may be arranged for longer stays.